Charcter I Xander

SERIES I Fire Emblem Fates

construction notes i 

The patterns for this costume were made by free handing the shapes onto cardstock ad transferred onto craft foam. All armor pieces are craft foam wrapped with thermoplastic and spray painted black while all the gold was hand painted on. The crown as well as the emblem on the neck piece were made of thick EVA foam and carved with a dremel but the crown was covered in thermoplastic as well. The purple bodysuit underneath was purchased and dyed to be purple and everything attaches onto it with velcro. The front drape and the cape are made of maroon spandex and just velcro onto the armor. The collar was purple cotton with gold bias tape sew on top and has craft foam as interfacing, it was just sewn onto the bodysuit. The straps are purple pleather with emblems made of craft foam and thermoplastic attached to them. The shoes are high heels that were bought and have armor that velcros on top of them.

Personal Notes I

Ive never actually played a game from the Fire Emblem series so I know nothing about this character. I was worried that this would keep me from having the motivation to work on this project but I just love the design so much I had a ton of fun making this project and had no problem finishing it!

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