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PRODUCTION I William Shakespeare's Long Lost First Play
THEATER I New Jersey Shakespeare Theater
PROPS I Shakespeare's manuscript, witch puppet, cauldron ingredients, Valentine puppet, Wizard's staff, and Puck's handkerchief
SET I  Assisted in fabricating and painting Tudor house, assisted in fabricating and painting Shakespeare heads, made curtains for Tudor house, and painted 6 hanging tapestries 

THEATER I New Jersey Shakespeare Theater
SET I  Worked with Director to design set, designed and painted book page backdrops, created tattered page archway and bushes, painted floors, blocks, and stairs

THEATER I New Jersey Shakespeare Theater
PROPS I Wanted posters hung in office
SET I  Reupholstered ottoman

PRODUCTION I Various Gallery Shows
PROPS I  handmade sculptures made from various fabrics, foam, computer parts, and projection lightbulb parts
SET I  Reupholstered reclining chair made from 4 DDR mats