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Commission/Premade TOS

For a quote I will need your name and your instagram handle or email so I can contact you. I will also need a full and accurate front and back reference sheet of your character that is in flat color. If you only want a commission for a head its ok to only have a headshot reference, but if you want a partial I need a reference sheet that shows all the parts of the character that you want made. 

Once a quote is given the price is non negotiable unless you want to add/take something away. Once a commission is started no changes can be made to the design. If you try to haggle with me I will block you, do not waste my time. 

I am willing to do trades with people who are at my skill level so feel free to DM me and we can figure something out. I am always looking to improve my skills :) I wont do trades for anything bigger than a head and paws. 

I do not do business with minors! You must be at least 18 years old and have a government issued ID with your name, age/birthday clearly on it. I will ask you for a picture of you holding your ID and a close up picture of your ID with your name and age in clear view before we even talk about payment. 

I do accept payment plans as I understand not everyone has thousands of dollars to drop on a fursuit.
I will accept payments in
2 parts. Payment for materials will be made first and the rest of the payment must be done up to a month after the first payment is made. 
For instance: if you pay for the materials for your commission on the 3rd of April you must pay the rest of it by the 3rd of May.

A non refundable down payment must be made before the suit is started to cover the cost of materials.  This is a case by case basis so I will give you a quote and let you know how much your deposit is :)

Progress on any commissions will not be started until payments are paid in full.  I highly suggest saving up the total amount for your commission to avoid missing payments.  If youre unsure how much to save up just DM me and I will get you a quote :)

Payments are made through Square (with card), and I will not accept PayPal as I have no interest in getting scammed. I will send you an invoice for the commission through email, its easier to track payment this way and its much safer for both of us. You do not need an account to make payments all you have to do is follow the invoice and make the payment. Square does charge fees to use it just as paypal does so I do charge an additional 4% fee on top of the commission price. I will calculate and let you know how much you owe per month if you do a payment plan. I do not accept refunds! If you do not think you can afford to keep making payments/afford a suit then don't commission me, I am a person with bills to pay and backing out of payments is a scummy thing to do and I have no interest in working with people who do that.

If you chose to buy a premade I have listed for sale you have 24 hours after claiming it to make your payment. I only accept 2 part payment plans for premades and you have 1 month to pay in full.

If you fail to continue to make payments on the due date or cease contact once the suit is started then I have the right to sell the suit as I see fit. 


I am allowed to/will refuse service to anyone by any means that I see fit. I'm a fairly kind and understanding person but any form of harassment, pushiness, and disrespectfulness will not be tolerated. If you behavior causes me to no longer want to work with you I will just give you your money back and continue on with the suit and sell it as something else. 

DO NOT harass me for updates. I update my instagram story pretty frequently with progress pictures and I will update you as progress is made. If you're not seeing progress pictures that means no progress was made. If I fail to update you in a week or two than feel free to ask me but I have a full time job from 6am-5pm and that will always come first. I keep my dm's clear for customers only so I try to keep my messages organized but when you're running a business by yourself things can get lost in the shuffle. I'm generally very excited about each project I get so if anything I will be the one bothering you with updates :)

The buyer is responsible for paying for shipping before the suit is sent out. Shipping can change depending on the size of the suit so expect to save around $40-$100 for shipping. I ship through USPS and will provide you with a tracking number once the package is shipped, but once I leave the post office there is nothing more I can do. Do not harass me and ask where the package is, I know sometimes tracking isn't updated well but just give it time. If for some reason your suit doesn't arrive after 4 months we can figure something out.
I am willing to ship outside of the US as long as you are willing to pay for it. 

Right now I only take commissions for the following: heads, feet, hands, tails, and arm socks. I am working towards making bodies but it will be awhile before I get to that point. I use a modded kloofsuits pattern for paws, a mugiwaracosplay pattern for short feet, and a splitgrapesoda pattern for tall feet. I also only use head bases for heads right now as I am in the process of modeling my own heads. When you commission me please be clear on what heads base/pattern you would like me to use on your suit. 

I am a fast worker but I do have a full time job from 6am-5pm that is very sewing heavy so sometimes coming home from work only to sew for another 5 hours is too much for my body. Because of this, commissions can take a few months to complete. I do not take on commission that need to be completed by a certain date not only because I do not want to disappoint but because I do not want to rush something that you're spending a lot of money on.

When contacting me please add this code so I know you read my TOS: "Have a Sunny Day!"

By reading this Terms of Service that means you acknowledge and agree to the terms listed above. Failure to abide by these terms subjects you to these fists. 

Thank you and I look forward to working with you :D!!


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