Charcter I Papi

SERIES I Popee the Performer

construction notes i 

The design of this character is very simple so there was lots of room for creative freedom, I took huge inspiration from medieval jesters and masquerade outfits. All the fabric for this costume is a a shiny stretch velvet. The body suit was made using a pattern but altered by me so the colors and panels alternated and matched the source material. The collar and waist piece were made of a textured/patterned purple stretch velvet from a pattern that I drafted myself. White silky tassels were hand sewn on the end of each triangle before it was sewn together. The gloves are white stretch velvet from a pattern I made myself and the cuffs are the same material that is hand ruffled and sewn onto the gloves. The cowl was drafted by tracing an existing one I had and sewn together with velcro sewn onto the back so it could be taken on and off easily. The head piece is 6mm craft foam, 13 sun beams were cut and had waves burned into them with a soldering iron before being glued onto on long strip that just slides onto the face. The head piece was hand painted with gold and brown paint to make it look more vintage and little gold, sun shaped studs were glued around the face and the same studs were glued onto the waist band and the collar.

Personal Notes I

Although this costume may not seem like a lot, a good amount of time was spent on it to make sure it looked clean because of its simplicity ever detail can be seen. I really wanted to make it fun because clowns are really silly and I think the outcome really captures that spirit. 

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