Charcters I Markus & Simon

SERIES I Detroit: Become Human

Construction Notes I 
For Markus the patterns for both the jacket and sweatshirt underneath were made from scratch. The sweatshirt is made with sweatshirt fleece with black nylon stripes down the sleeves and the collar is interfaced to keep its shape. There are two custom made zippers going down the front, one placed upside down as  the reference shows. The jacket is made of vinyl meant for outdoor furniture because I felt it was the only thing with texture close enough to what its supposed to look like and it held the shape perfectly. Its made of several different panels and pieces that were sewn together and topped stitched for a cleaner look. The jacket is fully lined with the same black nylon from the sweater sleeves. I created the numbers and symbols on the sleeves in illustrator and traced them onto white transfer vinyl which I ironed onto the sleeves for the finished product.
For Simon the sweatshirt also had to be drafted as a made up pattern because of its odd futuristic style and there is nothing out there like it. It consists of two parts: the crop top and the layer underneath. The crop top is made of white neoprene/scuba fabric, navy sweatshirt fleece, light blue spandex, and white jersey netting that was hand dyed blue. The layer underneath was made with the same exact materials and the two were sewn together at the collar with a zipper going down the middle. The black sleeves are a spandex long sleeve shirt that was bought and taken apart, had the blue spandex added on, and sewn back together.


Detroit: Become Human is one of my favorite video games to date. I originally made my Markus cosplay in July of '18 because I was so drawn to the character and the aesthetic of a growing city in 2038 filled with androids is something after my own heart. My partner asked to cosplay with me and I was more than happy to make Simon for them. The two characters Markus and Simon have a very close relationship, one that can be seen as romantic.  They fight side by side and in the end die for each other. To be able to cosplay characters who have such a strong bond with my partner meant a lot to the both of us and Clouds of Sand Photography captured each moment perfectly. 

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