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construction notes i 

This head was made on top of a 3D printed head base created by Nuke Creations. Ears and cheek fluff were carved out of 1 inch upholstery foam and glued to the head base. Elastic straps were sewn together and glued to the head for stability. Fleece was glued to the inside of the mouth and eyes to make a smoother surface to work with. The white of the eyes were modeled in tinkercad and printed on a CR-10. The center of the eye is made of plastic buckram that was painted with acrylic paints, gloss coated, and covered in glitter and individually placed stones. The head is lined with stretch lycra that was patterned to fix inside perfectly with the curves of the head. The head was then covered in duct tape and seam lines were drawn with a sharpie to get the shapes of the pattern. After the pattern was cut it was placed onto card stock to create a paper pattern that was then traced, cut, and shaved onto fur. All of the stars are hand sewn into the larger pieces of fur and shaved and trimmed to get the perfect shape. The fur all around the head was shaved to get the desired lengths in the necessary areas to make the face look both clean and fluffy. The nose is blue minky fabric hand sewn to the face. The zipper is hand sewn to the lining of the fabric in the back and  serves as an extra access point to put the head on but it not necessary as the head can just slide onto the wearer. A fleece outline is glued onto the back of the eye before it is placed into the head and is hand sewn to the lining inside. The fleece inside of the mouth is sewn to the lining of the head and a tongue is made of pink minky fabric and also hand sewn to the mouth. The teeth are modeled in blender and also printed on a CR-10, and are then covered in glitter and glued to the inside of the mouth. Lastly "eyeliner" is made from black felt with blue and pink glitter glued onto it before gluing the "eyeliner" onto the eyes. 

Personal Notes I

This head is the first one I have made and it was made for my own personal collection and not made for a customer. I learned a lot from this process and made every piece at least twice until I was satisfied with it. This character is my own that I created and being able to bring it to life if very exciting for me.

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