Charcter I Fjord

SERIES I Critical Role

construction notes i 

Chest piece was drafted with a duct tape and saran wrap pattern which was then transferred onto foam and covered in pleather and top stitched with a machine for stability and extra detail. Tunic is made from scratch out of a wool fabric and brushed with brown leather paint for weathering. Arm socks are white knit fabric dyed two different shades of green to match face paint and sewn to an undershirt for easy removal. Gloves are made the same way with nails painted black and glued on fingers. Leggings are store bought, thigh highs are quilted stretch pleather with brown stretch pleather sewn on top. Boots are store bought and modified with added kneecap and leather paint weathering. All straps are interfaced brown pleather attached around D-rings with rivets hammered into them. Gloves are made with brown stretch pleather and arm bands are black woven fabric cut up and weathered with red rope and hand painted beads on top. Bracers are craft foam covered in silver fabric that are weathered with paint and hand hammered rivets to hold straps on. 

The sword is an original design that was drawn up in photoshop and printed to scale. The design was traced onto EVA foam and carved with a knife and dremel. The diamond in the handle and the eye in the middle are casted with rit dyed resin with a piece of marley to make the pupil. Each barnacle is hand carved and glued onto the sword and is all painted with leather and acrylic paints. Rivets were placed into the foam along the hilt and the handle is wrapped with brown pleather.

Personal Notes I

This costume was remade twice until I felt like I was satisfied with it and it was comfortable to wear. I took a lot of inspiration from medieval/larp clothing as this character is from a dnd campaign and being able to take artistic liberties was very fun and freeing. I tought myself how to properly install rivets and eyelets and it really helps give this costume that renaissance feel.